Get Furnace Repair in Parker, CO

Furnaces are often the most important system in your home during long Colorado winters. However, if your furnace stops working, then you face the prospect of chilly days and nights. Don’t let this happen to you. Turn to 888 Heating for furnace repair in your Parker, CO, home.

What Issues Does Your Furnace Have?

You can often know that your furnace doesn’t work right through a few various signs. These include:

  • No air: If your furnace doesn’t provide air at all, this often means that your thermostat, power, or pilot light doesn’t work.
  • Cold air: Cold air might mean your thermostat is set to auto, you have a dirty filter, or you have duct leaks.
  • Flickering or no pilot light: If your pilot light is not a steady blue light, this could mean a malfunctioning component, not enough gas, or an overenthusiastic draft.
  • Strange noises: Bangs, rumbles, and squeaks are often cause for concern. They might be delayed gas ignition, clogged burners, or dirty ducts.
  • Non-functioning thermostat: If your thermostat reads a weird temperature or has just shut off, you might need a new battery, a quick dusting, or a component repair.

Whatever the problem is with your furnace, we can fix it. Just let us know what we can do for you.

How Can We Help?

Our licensed and insured furnace technicians are happy to resolve the issues your furnace has. We are committed to doing only the work you need, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or high-pressure sales tactics.

Additionally, all of our repairs come with a one- or two-year labor and parts warranty, so if anything goes wrong, we’ll fix it immediately. And as our owner oversees every service call we do, you never have to worry about inferior quality.

Please call us today at 303-770-2024 to schedule your appointment. Don’t forget to ask about our repairs specials!