Affordable Furnace Tune-Up in Centennial and Denver

Furnace Tune-Up & Maintenance

Keep your furnace running during cold weather, reduce monthly energy bills, and prevent costly breakdowns with regular furnace tune-ups.

The professional staff at 888 Heating is experienced in working on all models of boilers, heat pumps, furnaces, and gas/electric heaters. Regular maintenance helps keep your unit's efficiency up saving you money on energy bills and prolongs the life of your machine. A furnace is one of the biggest home investments and protecting it pays off!

Every tune-up gets a season-long “No Breakdown” guarantee!

$58 Off Repairs
for any heating repair

$88 Furnace Tune-up
Plus Safety Inspection

Why Choose 888 Heating and Cooling?

From Northern Denver Metro to Castle Rock and all points in between, call 888 Heating for your heating and cooling needs. We have been serving the Denver Metro area for over a decade. We offer reliable, consistent, and trustworthy service for all your furnace, hot water heater, HVAC, and air conditioning appliances and systems.

Also, if you have an emergency, 888 Heating has extended regular hours 6 days a week. Your emergency is not an opportunity and you will never be charged more!

With 888 Heating, you’ll get:


  • Trustworthy HVAC Repairs
  • Servicing of ALL Major Brands
  • 20% Discount for Service Club Members


  • No “Emergency” Upcharge
  • Equipment and Repair Warranties
  • Honest, Upfront Pricing

Premium Furnace Tune Up

Keep your family and your home safe with a yearly furnace maintenance service. A furnace tune-up could detect a dangerous carbon monoxide issue or gas leak that could save your family. Regular checkups prolong the life or your furnace and save money on costly repairs in the future.

Get a 40+ point furnace maintenance and safety inspection. Inspections includes:

  • Check Thermostat
  • Check the blower circuit board
  • Read blower motor amps
  • Check inducer motor amps
  • Measure temperature rise
  • Adjust gas pressure
  • Check limit switch and mount
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect ducts
  • Run furnace at all stages


  • Check flue pipe for leaks and rust
  • Test gas shut off
  • Test gas connections for leaks
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Check blower wheel bearings
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Filter change or clean
  • Check burners
  • Check hoses
  • Check condensate pump

A trusted HVAC company in Colorado

888 Heating is one of the most trusted companies in Centennial and Denver. We have been serving the Denver area for almost 30 years with quality heating and a/c services. What do you get with 888 Heating?


  • ● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ● No Breakdown Guarantee with a clean bill of health after furnace tune up. (Read more below)
  • ● 41-point furnace tune up and safety inspection
  • ● Parts and labor warranty
  • ● Technicians get yearly education updates
  • ● Almost 30 years serving the Denver Metro Area

Furnace Service Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my furnace is safe?

You don’t! That is why we recommend a yearly safety inspection. Many furnaces still function even though they can be very dangerous.

How do I test for Carbon Monoxide in my home?

You can buy a CO detector or have a furnace safety inspection performed on your unit. Many CO detectors do not detect low levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Do I really need to have my units checked every season?

We recommend having your furnace and A/C checked every year.  You never know when a safety concern with your furnace or an efficiency concern with an A/C will arise. Properly maintained units will last longer and will also save you on costly undetected repairs or problems. It also helps maintain efficiency because unmaintained units lose 5% efficiency each year.

How do I change my furnace filter?

Most furnace filter changes require you to open a furnace cover door and access the filter. It will be accessible on the front of the furnace. Below is a helpful video to take you through a filter change step by step.

How to change a Rheem Furnace and AC filter

How do I know what size filter I need?

It is usually on the filter you pull out of the furnace or labeled on the duct work near the filter. Filter sizes vary greatly, and it should be easily visible since each unit is different.

Why is my furnace blowing cool air at first and then hot air?

Some furnaces and duct work can take a while to heat up.

How long will a furnace?

That is a hard question to answer. It depends on proper equipment sizing, maintenance, and brand. In our climate, 15 years is average for a furnace and A/C. If properly maintained, a system can last as long as 20 years.

Should my thermostat be set at “auto” or “on”?

It depends upon what kind of furnace you have. Standard furnaces should be set to auto. Variable speed furnaces should be set to on. Our technicians will tell you which kind you have. The blower should be on at all times if you have indoor air quality products such as electronic air cleaners, UV lighting systems, and whole home humidifiers.

What brands do you work on?

We repair all major furnace and A/C brands. If it is in your house, chances are we will work on it. We install quality American Standard products with pricing options for every budget.

Do you offer guarantees?

If our technician diagnoses the issue and that is not the issue, you only pay for the repair that is necessary. Also, view the "No Breakdown Guarantee" below.

How much does a new furnace cost?

Furnace prices can range dramatically. For a 2500 sq. ft. home with a good warranty and city/county permits (most often skipped by most contractors), you can get a high-quality, long-lasting furnace installed for between $4k-$5k.

Common Furnace Tune-Up Scams to Watch out for

 Is it a Furnace Scam or Sales Tactic?

It usually starts off with the cheap furnace tune-up special in the dead of winter followed by a high-pressure sale.

This is the cracked heat exchanger furnace scam.

First, furnace heat exchangers do and will crack eventually, if not properly maintained or installed. It may be related to the oversizing problem from one of the earlier scams. If a technician ever says, “It’s a cracked heat exchanger. You need to immediately change your furnace. I can get started right now!” You may want to take a few steps back and get a second opinion.

First, you need to ask for visible proof that it is cracked. If they cannot provide that, chances are they are lying to you. Second, ask if your furnace is leaking any carbon monoxide. Real HVAC technicians should have combustion analyzers and ambient carbon monoxide meters on their vehicles.

Don’t be afraid to ask for proof!
Reputable companies, there are a lot of us out there, find all sorts of problems with furnaces, including cracked heat exchangers.  The difference is, reputable companies and their technicians will give you several options for repairs and replacements instead of looking for a quick high-pressure sale.


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We want our customers to know that we are there when they need us. 888 Heating guarantees 100% satisfaction for every customer on all our work, you’ll receive simple quotes with no hidden charges, highly personalized service and a dedication to excellence and we always clean up before leaving.
888 Heating’s No Breakdown Guarantee is:
After we’ve done a tune-up and the furnace system has a clean bill of health, if later that same season the system has an issue we will apply 100% of the original tune-up charge to any repairs 888 Heating performs on the system.We stand by our services and products so that you have the best customer experience.

Regular Maintenance and Heater Tune-ups Save You Money

Getting a regular tune-up on your furnace is an important part of keeping it in working order. Not only can tune-ups extend the life of your system you’ll keep it operating at maximum efficiency. That can drastically lower your energy costs and potentially prevent costly repairs. Both can save you money!

During a heater tune-up from 888 Heating, one of our specialized technicians will do a complete system check and perform various tasks to ensure your furnace is running properly.

Standard Furnace Tune-up and Safety Inspection

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Assess starting capabilities and safety controls
  • Lubricate all moving furnace parts
  • Conduct carbon monoxide testing
  • Measure connections, volt/amps, temperature difference, and air flow
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Adjust thermostat calibration
  • Clean and adjust ignition assembly, blower components, and air filters

After we’ve done a tune-up and the furnace system has a clean bill of health, if later that same season the system has an issue we will apply 100% of the original tune-up charge to any repairs 888 Heating performs on the system.



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