Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Installations

Ductless air conditioning is a wonderful alternative for cooling your home if adding or installing ductwork is too expensive or impractical. A ductless A/C installation from 888 Heating you’ll get the comfortable indoor temperature you need to stay cool during the hot summer months.

How a Ductless AC Installation Works

If  you want to avoid the complicated process of installing a new A/C a ductless air conditioning system may be the answer for you.

888 Heating offers:

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  • Install & Service all types of ductless A/C
  • 1-2 day installation appointment
  • Licensed Rheem Dealer
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When you contract 888 Heating to install your ductless A/C, we’ll assess your space and identify what type of ductless system best meets your needs.  We work efficiently and quickly to install your new A/C, paying attention to the small details to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

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Benefits of choosing Ductless A/C

One of the biggest benefits of a ductless system is just that, it does not need to be connected to a venting or ducted system. It is an independent system that does not hook up to a furnace or blower. It is great for new additions, or areas of a building that are not evenly heated or cooled.

Another benefit is that a ductless system can be installed in any room or zone.  Having several zones helps you eliminate wasted energy as you customize the temperature of each zone.  You can cool a room as small as 150 square feet to a larger zone of 1,000 square feet.  You just must make sure the BTUs are sufficient for the space.

  • No bulky ductwork
  • No messy construction
  • Easy temperature control
  • One day installation
  • No permits required
  • Increased energy efficiency

Ductless A/C Maintenance& Repair

To ensure your ductless air conditioning system runs smoothly, regular maintenance must be performed by an expert technician who understands your system.  The 888 Heating team is able to service ductless A/C from a wide range of manufacturers.  We ensure your A/C works for years to come.  No job is too small or too big.

If your ductless A/C isn’t running properly, 888 Heating is here to help.  With years of experience, we can get you up and running into time.  Don’t get left melting in the hot Denver heat.  Call 888 Heating today and one of our specialty trained technicians will:

  • Arrive onsite fully stocked and on time
  • Assess the needs of your system
  • Make the best recommendation for your situation!

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What is A Ductless Heating & Cooling System?

Ductless Air Conditioning or a "mini-split" A/C system is a great option if you’re adding onto your home or have a "hot spot" where your home is unevenly cooled. All too often, older systems do not cool evenly throughout the home. A ductless system from 888 Heating can relieve hot, stuffy rooms at the "end" of the cooling line or on the second floor. Consistently cooling your entire home.

Ductless A/C units cool small and large spaces from 350 to 1500 square feet. Installation is typically the same day with very little damage to the home. Mini-split units are not required to be connected to existing ducts or vents. That means no construction in the attic or destruction of walls or ceilings.

A mini-split air conditioning system has a small unit on the inside and one on the outside of the home. Unlike large central heat and air systems, your ductless A/C can be installed in one day! Your installation technician will have to cut a small hole in the exterior wall to run the conduit, but other than that, there is no damage to the home. An 888 Heating professional will quickly install the system and you can be up and running within a few hours.

The end result is a cooling system that functions a lot like central air without the hassle. If you’re sure it’s time to invest in your home by updating or installing a new cooling system, ductless may be the best choice.

888 Heating repairs all brands of air conditioners like this ac repair we did in Castle Rock.

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