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Reliable Air Conditioner and Furnace Repair Services in Littleton, CO

The 888 Heating team has a proven record of providing exceptional service in the Littleton, CO area. Call us day or night to set your appointment.

We promise our customers:

  • Honest, No Hassle Pricing
  • Repair Specials
  • 20% Service Club Discount
  • Worry Free Service
  • Service ALL Major Brands
  • Reliable A/C Repairs
  • No “After Hours” Fees
  • 10 Year Warranty on Most New Equipment
  • 24-48 Hour Window for Non-Emergency Appointments
  • 1-2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty (depending on service)

$55 off any regular priced repair

$49 preseason A/C start up

Littleton Available Services


Available Services in Littleton

Air conditioning

Don’t get caught taking your A/C for granted! We all do until we come home to an uncomfortably hot house.

The technicians at 888 Heating will waste no time diagnosing and fixing your A/C problems.

Typical problems with  Colorado cooling systems:

  • Sensor Diagnostics
    Your sensor may need repositioned if your unit is turning on/off intermittently.
  • A/C Coils and Filters
    Get the most out of your A/C unit in the dry Denver summers by making sure your coils and filters are clean/changed regularly.
  • Leaks & Recharging Your A/C
    A trained HVAC technician must find the leak, repair it, test the system, and decide the amount of refrigerant needed to effectively recharge your A/C.
  • Part Replacement
    Air fans and compressors can wear out when your system is constantly cycling off and on. This strain on the components and corrosion of terminals and wiring is why it is very important to have your system serviced regularly by qualified technicians.
  • Drainage Problems
    It’s very common for condensate not properly drain or clog all together. If you have an aging system, you can extend the life of your unit with professional service. We will get your repairs done right the first time! So, call 888 Heating at the first sign of trouble.

Furnace Repair

Our professionals at 888 Heating has extensive experience in working on all models of furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and gas/electric heaters. We will help you select the best solution for your budget and needs.

You can speak to a technician 24/7 to help you troubleshoot furnace problems and determine if you need a tech to come out. 3 common furnace repair issues that we see
with a no heat call are:

  • Thermostat batteries need to be replaced
  • Electrical box circuit breaker has been tripped
  • Thermostat fan setting is set incorrectly

The average response time to Littleton is 2-4 hours. We arrive with stocked trucks to perform most emergency repairs.

We will arrive quickly to ensure that your home or office is comfortable in the winter months.


Read Our Reviews

Courteous and Efficient

Called when they were going to be 30 minutes late. Did the job quickly and efficiently. Explained options on additional problems in a professional and friendly maner.

Problem Solved in Minutes

Fan vibration. Called due to the blower causing a vibration when it turned. Garrett called within a few minutes and I explained what was happening. We set up an appointment for 10A today as there was no emergency. Garrett called back and asked if he could stop by as he would be passing near where we live. I said ok and a few minutes later he was here. A quick check of the blower showed it has sucked in the wiring diagram that had been on the inside of the bottom cover of the furnace. He tested the unit all was ok and problem solved in minutes. Thank you. All is well. The wife and I are very pleased with the entire experience.

Super quick service.

Super quick service. Call late weds night.. Got a call back that night 5mins later. Appt the next morning and fixed the furnace like new.. Great service professional and timely.

Great Service

Great Service. Arrived on time. Solved problem quickly. I’ve had problems changing my filter, it always gets stuck. He changed the filter for me. He explained the Club. It sounded like a good deal, so I joined.

Call 888 Heating for No After Hours Charge Emergency A/C or Furnace Service!

888 Heating is the only Littleton HVAC service provider that does not up-charge you in an emergency. Don’t let other companies take advantage of your crisis. Our money back guarantee, hassle free pricing, and financing options give you peace of mind in your time of need. Our technicians are on standby for emergency service and not even Colorado snowstorm can slow us down.

New Furnace and Air Conditioner Installations in Littleton

You’ll love how easy 888 Heating makes it for you to save time and money on any commercial or residential installation. If you’re ready to have a new heating or cooling system installed in the Littleton area, then you’ll love working with 888 Heating.

Our team delivers:

  • Top quality equipment from industry-leading manufacturers
  • A “No Hassle” Guarantee on all services performed
  • Highly trained installers that know your equipment
  • Lightning fast, around-the-clock service schedules
  • Relief from your HVAC problems when you need us
  • Service with a smile from reliable, trusted techs

888 Heating professionals come straight to you when it’s convenient. Using decades of HVAC knowledge, we’ll find the perfect unit to meet you comfort and efficiency needs AND budget. Our technicians will gladly meet with you on your schedule to discuss your installation needs.

We pass all manufacturer savings straight to you so you always receive the best pricing. On average, our customers save 10-30% over our competitors. Plus, our customers know we back our work with our complete satisfaction guarantee. Call for your appointment today.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Tune-Ups

Yearly tune-ups save you money and keep your machine running for longer. If you want FREE tune-ups join our
Service Club for FREE seasonal tune-ups, 20% off all repairs, and priority appointments.

Our tune-up is $129, but we offer various ways to save with Early Bird (spring and fall) specials in addition to our Service Club.

Your annual tune-up includes:

  • Clean the outdoor coils
  • Inspect the indoor coils
  • Test the refrigerant charge
  • Test electrical connections
  • Take electrical amp readings and draw readings
  • Test the compressor winding
  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Inspect the electrical disconnect circuit breaker
  • Test reverse valve operation
  • Check caps and O-rings
  • Inspect primary drain and function
  • Inspect secondary drain
  • Check drain safety switch
  • Treat A/C pan if needed
  • Filter change or clean (does not include the
    price of the filter)

No Breakdown Guarantee: After we’ve done a tune-up and the air conditioning system has a clean bill of health, if later that same season the system has an issue we will apply 100% of the original tune-up charge to any repairs 888 Heating performs on the system.

With fully stocked trucks and guaranteed arrival times, you’ll never have to wonder about our professionalism or commitment
to excellence.

Save up to $1,272 on
a new furnace or A/C!

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With fully stocked trucks and guaranteed arrival times, you’ll never have to wonder about our professionalism or commitment to excellence.