Hot Water Heater Repairs and InstallationWater Heater Repair Denver

888 Heating repairs and installs all brands of water heaters. We carry traditional water heaters, 40 or 50 gallons or we can install tankless water heaters. Call today to find out what water heater would work best for your home.

How long should my water heater last before replacing?

Water heaters usually last 12-15 years. The most common cause of water heater failure is due to tank failure. Water heater tanks can rust and create sediment that corrodes and eventually rusts through. This can cause a trickle of water on the floor or a larger (and messier) flood. We install and repair all brands of water heaters including tankless water heaters.

Can my water heater be repaired?

One of the most common types of water heater repairs for water heaters is a thermal couple replacement, which keeps your water heater lit. Our technicians will always recommend a repair when possible. Water heaters can be repaired but some problems are too costly and a replacement is necessary. If the tank is leaking you’ll need a new water heater. Call today for help with your water heater, no more cold showers!

Can a defective water heater be dangerous?

Water heaters can become dangerous in a couple of ways. If it’s a gas water heater it’s possible that the venting system that removes the flue gases could become defective. That could mean something simple such as birds building a nest in the top of the chimney that would block the flue. There are several safety features on every water heater sold in the US. as long as these work properly the heater is probably safe.

Is there any way to be forewarned that my water heater is going to break?

Although there is no way to know for sure when you water heater will fail, our technicians can use our high tech infra red video camera to show you the condition of your tank. This is included at no charge when we perform your annual furnace tune-ups. If there is lots of rust and corrosion you should probably make plans to replace your water heater before you have problems.

What brand/type of water heater should I buy?

Most brands of water heater are VERY similar to the other brand choices. Many of the brands that you see are simply a brand label that is put onto the tank after it’s manufactured. We’ve offered (and still do) a variety of brands over the years. We’ve never had any trouble with any of them. The most efficient type of unit are the newer style tankless water heaters. These don’t keep any water heated until you turn on the tap … then they kick in and heat as you use water for an unlimited supply. Upfront costs for tankless water heaters are more but they are high efficient and can save on energy bills while being a huge space saver in utility rooms.

How much does a new water heater cost?

The price for installing a new water heater will vary based on a few factors. Things like how much of your current piping is reusable to connect your new heater, the condition and type of the current flue/venting system, and the type and size that you choose to purchase all have an effect on the price. A basic 40 gallon starts at around $1,500 installed. Tankless types start at $3,500 installed. Be wary of any company who charges less than $1,500 for a water heater install because that indicates they are not taking the proper steps and precautions to ensure your new water heater is up to local code. You simply cannot get a educated, trained, trusted technician to install a water heater up to city safety code for less than that.