Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

Why Choose A Whole Home Air Purifier?

Indoor air pollution is usually worse than outdoor air pollution. If someone in your house suffers from allergies, asthma, eczema, or medical conditions a whole home air purifier is the solution. This is an affordable way to ensure clean air for your whole house. Installing Heppa filters and electronic air purifiers in each room of your home is extremely costly but putting an electronic air purifier on your HVAC system is cost effective and efficient. The benefits of a whole home air purifier are:

  • Cleans in home air with hospital grade Heppa filters
  • Removes irritants and toxins from the home
  • Can reduce medical costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be added to existing furnace and air conditioner systems
  • Saves money on furnace filters
  • Can relieve symptoms of asthma, allergies, and medical conditions
  • Often reduces overall sick days

Things that can cause indoor air pollution are cleaning chemicals, rodents, insects, mold, in home chemicals, outdoor air pollutants being sucked into the home, smoke, and pets. Keep the health of your family and your home in excellent shape with an affordable whole home air purification system.

Why Choose A Whole Home Humidifier?

The dry Colorado air can have an affect on health and on our homes. Whole home humidifiers such as Aprilaire and Honeywell not only improve comfort in your home they can relieve medical issues with the sinuses and skin conditions. Some of the benefits of a home humidifier are:

  • Increases indoor comfort
  • Energy bill savings – Humidity in a dry climate increases indoor comfort at a lower temperature. Lowering a thermostat by 3-5 degrees saves hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills.
  • Soothes medial symptoms – Increased humidity can help relieve symptoms of medical issues such as asthma, eczema, and sinus problems.
  • Preserves hardwood floors and furnitures – Wood floors and furniture lasts longer and stays in better condition in a mildly humid environment, which saves you money in the long run.

Overall the affects of a whole home humidifier are realized in several different ways. One can be attached to your existing HVAC system and require very little maintenance. Purchasing individual room humidifiers for several rooms in your home is costly and high maintenance. Try a whole house humidifier and live in comfort!