Air Conditioner Tune-up & A/C Serviceair conditioner that is enrolled in out maintenance program

Air conditioner tune-ups save you money and prolong the life of your A/C system. A poorly maintained A/C can fail in 5-7 years and a well maintained can last many years longer.

We have early season tune-up specials and 888 Heating provides all A/C tune-ups with a no break down guarantee (read more about the guarantee below).

Standard AC Service – 20pt Inspection

The 20pt air conditioner includes the following:

  • general checks for the ac health
  • checking coolant levels
  • checking and inspecting all electrical components, including compressor
  • checking for airflow problems
  • checking the indoor coil when possible
  • checking and doing a basic cleaning on outdoor unit
  • will change filter if homeowner provides

What is included in a premium air conditioner service?

  • Clean the outdoor coils
  • Inspect the indoor coils
  • Test the refrigerant charge
  • Test electrical connections
  • Take electrical amp readings and draw readings
  • Test the compressor winding
  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Inspect the electrical disconnect circuit breaker
  • Test reverse valve operation
  • Check caps and 0-rings
  • Inspect primary drain and function
  • Inspect secondary drain
  • Check drain safety switch
  • Treat A/C pan if needed
  • Filter change or clean (does not include the price of the filter)

What is the A/C Tune-up No Break Down Guarantee?

888 Heating’s No Breakdown Guarantee is:

After we’ve done a tune-up and the air conditioning system has a clean bill of health, if later that same season the system has an issue we will apply 100% of the original tune-up charge to any repairs 888 Heating performs on the system.

We stand by our service and our products so that you get the best customer service experience.


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“Far above ALL competitors. Finally, all the attributes in one, highly professional, dependable, friendly company and representative.”

“Jeff” – Aurora, CO

“Great service. Knowledgeable service person. Same day service was appreciated. Service person explained about joining a membership with them and it saved us many dollars in the long run.”

Content – Denver, CO

“Great Service! I would definitely refer my friends and family to 888 Heating. I really like Garrett, he is very knowledgable and reliable. He left the work area cleaner than when he started. Very professional.”

Sandra – Littleton, CO

Why do I need A/C tune-ups each year?

It saves money in the long run to perform regular maintenance on your system than doing major repairs or replacing an air conditioner. Getting regular service and tune-ups keep up efficiency, extend the life of the system, detect larger problems before they happen. All of these things mean money in your pocket because efficient systems will keep monthly energy bills down and in most cases prevent costly repairs or replacements.

How can I get my air conditioning serviced for $20?

This is not a joke, our Service Club Members get yearly A/C tune-ups (and furnace too) for a $19.95 trip charge. Club memberships start at $8.95 a month so it is affordable for most budgets. Additionally service club members save 20% on all repairs. The best part is that it prolongs the life of the unit and saves you money in the long run. Service club members tell us all the time that their membership has paid for itself and them some. Check it out!